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The Gorilla In The Room

KAL’s cartoon | The Economist.


The Depressing Reality About Writing Books | Contently.

Green Anemone by Jens Troeger

Green Anemone Photo – Animals Wallpaper –

National Geographic Photo of the Day. Jens Troeger

Street Art is a powerful medium to expose those who would otherwise not be exposed to art in their environment.

Best of San Telmo Street Art San Telmo, the oldest barrio in Buenos Aires, is known for antique stores, milongas, cobblestone streets, traditional cafés and old school parrillas.  A barrio where the retro-cool hardcore kids live in their high ceiling, historic apartments.  My favorite thing about San Telmo? It houses some of the best street art in the city.  Ditch the crowded San Telmo Feria, flocking around the B-level Tango street performers, and check out the great street … Read More

via ¿Qué Sé Yo, Argentina?

Map of the Day: This Is What Global Alcohol Consumption Looks Like – The Atlantic.

Economist article here.

The Backwater Gospel on Vimeo

This interactive musical work blurs the lines between game, and interactive art.

Warren Ellis is primarily a graphical narrative storyteller as well as a published novelist.

What would you do if you knew how?

Looking into Transnistria and considering logistical issues.

Sun Unleashes Largest Solar Flare In Four Years Yesterday

(To commemorate the beginning of my productive cycle.)

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

My good friend Zac from Chico was involved with a workforce development project to become a solar panel installer. Bank of America sponsored a mini-documentary promotional video with him in it here.

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